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Welcome to Enigma
Enigma is IBA’s mega event that will take place between the 28th and 31st of January 2013 at IBA Karachi’s main campus.
IBA takes great pleasure in welcoming it’s prestigious guests for the main event of our calendar year, ENIGMA. At Enigma, our prime goal is to ensure proactive learning by creating an environment that encourages creativity and imagination. Open your mind at Enigma this year by participating in an array of events that are designed specially to exercise your cognitive capabilities.
We, at ENIGMA believe that moulding talents is equally essential as academics are and that’s why “ENIGMA’s mission statement speaks for itself; “Celebrating talents and pursuing excellence”. Our veteran team has designed a portfolio of diverse events that will surely test your potential to the maximum. Our aim is to polish you as the event progresses and for that very motive, all our events are going to be supervised/judged by proffesionals who will critique you and train you according to their field of specialization.
A saying, IBA is heavily reliant on; “Work hard, party harder” needs to be accounted for here because our social events team has put in tonnes of effort to ensure that the social events satisfy your urge for mingling and socializing.
Enigma can’t wait to have you over, let the fun begin!